Security Standards
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Security Standards

When you use, you entrust us with sensitive information about your company and your employees, and rely on us to support a critical business function. Be assured that we take this responsibility very seriously. In fact, keeping your records accessible to you and safe from prying eyes is our top priority.

To that end, we take the following precautions:

SSL Technology uses the most advanced internet security technology available today: Security Socket Layer (SSL). When you access the site using industry-standard SSL technology, your information is protected in two ways:

1) Server authentication ensures that you are logging in to our server, and not a “phishing” website designed to steal your login information. 2) Data encryption essentially “scrambles” your data while it’s moving through the web so that anyone who tries to intercept it cannot read it. Bottom line: SSL technology ensures that your data remains safe, secure and available only to you.

Session Cookies

A “session cookie” is a small piece of text that is automatically generated when you log in and temporarily stored on your computer. uses session cookies as an extra layer of security to check your login credentials continually while you use the website. The cookie is encrypted as a string of characters that can only be read by our server. We do not use session cookies to store any confidential information. Instead, we use more advanced security methods involving dynamic data and encoded session IDs to perform certain functions often associated with session cookies.

Hosting, Firewalls and Physical Access is hosted in a highly secure server environment that uses a state-of-the-art firewall and other advanced technology to prevent unauthorized interference or access. Physical access to the hosting center is limited and strictly controlled by high-security procedures.

Privacy and Security

For more information about our privacy and security standards, read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.