Open doors and open minds encourage employee confidence
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Open doors and open minds encourage employee confidence

As a manager or business owner, you set the tone for employee productivity, motivation and morale. The right choices in your employee interaction could reduce employee absenteeism, boost performance and pave the way to new innovation.

Not seeing the results you would like from your staff? Employee absences climbing? Here are some simple changes you can make to see big results in employee commitment.

Maintain an open-door policy

Show others you are approachable and accessible by your demeanor and by physically leaving your door open as much as possible. If your schedule permits, consider setting aside a designated time each day for “office hours” when you are available to meet with employees about any concerns they have.

Use appropriate means of reinforcement

Encourage your staff to maintain high quality in their work by tying their rewards directly to their performance. A small, on-the-spot employee reward works well for the everyday triumphs, while larger monthly or annual employee awards encourage on-going effort.

Help employees see their place
in the big picture

Ensure that your employees understand how their job duties or a specific assignment tie into the goals of the organization. Explain how their work contributes to profitability or success.

Encourage Questions

Whenever an employee asks for your help, view this as a strength instead of a weakness. Don’t make discouraging remarks or use body language that may indicate frustration with the employee. Instead, respond in a way that shows you are willing and eager to help.

Be willing to ask your employees
for suggestions

Invite new ideas and suggestions from your staff. And don’t let great ideas just sit there – put them into action by making changes. If an employee makes a suggestion that you decide to implement, consider involving him/her in the implementation and – at the very least – let the employee know his/her suggestion was acted upon.

Celebrate the little things

Along with an open door policy, celebrating the little things with your employees will go a long way towards building loyalty and commitment. Employee birthdays and work anniversaries, holidays, project completion or TGIF are just a few of the things you can enjoy with your employees.

Be respectful

Remember, respect is a two-way street. Treat your employees with respect by being considerate and thoughtful of their feelings. The result will be a more committed and devoted workforce.

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